Best of South Park – 04 – Fat Butt and Pancake Head

4. Fat Butt and Pancake Head (Season 7, Episode 05)


Celebrities go down hard in South Park, and the already tired “pop-diva” persona of the time was ripe for picking. In addition, the reality that pop stars of this type are as good as hand puppets hits home neatly. The real star of the episode is Hennifer Lopeth, while the deft simplicity with which Parker and Stone employ suspension of disbelief to annoy the Kyle character, simultaneously fueling the Ben Affleck subplot is, frankly, comedic genius.

Compare to the many other ridiculous storylines in South Park history and you’ll come up short every time because the methods employed fit a team in top form, laying the platform for a mood that is at once childish, back-of-the-classroom, and giggling-under-your-breath.

“Your style of music is so easy it requires no thought at all.” – Cartman

“Baby let’s make a run for the border

I got a hunger only tacos can stop

I know exactly what I’ll order

Three tacos, two tostadas, and a soda pop” – Hennifer Lopeth

“I love you Ben
You almost make me forget about tacos” -Hennifer Lowpeth

“All right, you’re going downtown, bean-breath.” -Cop

“I wonder… will I dream.” -Mitch Connor

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