Best of South Park – 06 – More Crap

6. More Crap (Season 11, Episode 09)


The denouement for this episode is Scott Tenorman Must Die without the murdering murder. If you’re a celebrity with a bloated sense of self-importance (so in other words, if you’re a celebrity) South Park will take you to the cleaners. Bono had this coming, and as usual, the timing was perfect, the execution, mercurial, capping off a most brilliant Season 11 in the South Park annals.

“I mean, at some point, can’t you just kind of… fuck off?” -Stan to Bono

“If you can’t crap out the crap, it’s not really a crap.” -Herr Broloff

“Biddie.” -Bono

“Don’t hurt the biddy.” -Herr Broloff

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