Best of South Park – 08 – A Ladder to Heaven

8. A Ladder to Heaven (Season 6, Episode 12)

boys on the beanstalk

Heaven is a state of mind, like this place, right now, and maybe we can work towards making it a reality here, on Earth. Amen. Before he died for good, Kenny was the last person with the boys’ ticket to candy heaven, so now they have to build a ladder to heaven to get it back.

“A ladder to heaven. We build it, climb up, and get our winning ticket back from that asshole Kenny.” -Kyle

“That’s fucking stupid.” -Mr. Garrison

Using a simple plot while mining character arcs and running jokes from previous seasons, A Ladder to Heaven sees South Park reaching for the sky, making the best episode from the best season in its history (Season 7 is probably a close second).

“I don’t know. It’s like my brain just keeps… Jacking off.” -Cartman

“Right. Your idea of heaven is getting five dollars off your matzah ball soup at Barney’s Beanery by lying about a hair in it.” -Cartman

“[…] if Saddam Hussein were an eight year old boy, and my penis were the United States […]” -Random Perv

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