Best of South Park – 23 – Cartman Sucks

23. Cartman Sucks (Season 11, Episode 02)


Best buds Cartman and Butters help each other reach very different but equally striking realizations. This episode sees South Park in arguably its best form ever in terms of narrative structure.

Some might mistakenly put the episode in the “pro gay” pile, but it merely gives context to the existence of homosexuality, while questioning the approach of the religious orthodoxy to this homosexuality. The final conclusion is less of a tolerance toward gays, and more of an indictment of, particularly, the Christian God. Naughty heretics.


“Bradley is your accountable-a-buddy, that makes you accountable-a-buddy-able” -Camp Director

“If I’m somehow from your God, then your God must be a little bi-curious himself.” -Butters

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