Best of South Park – 26 – Up the Down Steroid

26. Up the Down Steroid (Season 8, Episode 03)


Rocky Balboa has Aids.

One can really enjoy South Park when they combine semi-dramatic storytelling with great comedy in a neatly structured storyline. In this case the “drama” comes from Jimmy’s main plot, which has enough seriousness to contrast the Cartman B-story, while still employing just the right amount of parody at just the right pacing to get one big pay-off per scene instead of a series of smaller punchlines. The latter is reserved for Cartman’s exchanges with Kyle, yet this subplot is rich enough to be developed into its own story or joined with any number of others, as seen in episodes like Le Petite Tourette or Cartoon Wars.

“What are you gonna do Kyle, tell on me? Then you’ll be a great big no good double faced poopy-pants tattle-tail.” -Cartman

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