Best of South Park – 12 – HumancentiPad

12. HumancentiPad (Season 15, Episode 01)

it wont read

This episode hits the nail on the head of consumerism in the tech world in that way South Park has of unwittingly becoming social satire. HumancentiPad is one of the last truly great South Park episodes, and it trolled moron iPad users without them even realizing. This last fact alone is enough to make it a fucking masterpiece.

“Today on Dr. Phil, the tragic story of a little boy whose mother constantly tries to fuck him.” -Announcer


Man shits spicy mix into Kyle’s mouth and Cartman prefers foreplay before being loved. At the time it felt like they’d never lose their gold.

“I remember when the first version of the iPad came out. People couldn’t believe how easy it was to take their videos, music, and photos, and all their shit, and share it with other people, who could do the same with all their shit.” -Steve Jobs

Despite the PC conclusion (no pun), there is no mistaking the main thread of the narrative: some platforms exist solely for people to spew content in each other’s faces, content that invariably adds up to the intellectual equivalent of feces, a concept directly extended later in the season.

“I know this must be very difficult for you to talk about but when was the last time your mother fucked you?” -Dr. Phil

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