Best of South Park – 10 – The Simpsons Already Did It

10. The Simpsons Already Did It (Season 6, Episode 07)


Cartman sucks sea men out of a hose and Butters turns a nightmarish realization into homage for The Simpsons. Through some form of comedic genius, including Cartman in full singing voice, this is one of the best examples of South Park joining the foul aesthetic of jock humor with the light joy of youth exploring a new world. The conclusion to the episode itself is brilliant, and Cartman’s inner playful side is the perfect contrast to his more selfish, evil side.

“Be you not jealous Jew, I am creator of all things, Yea.” -Cartman

“Only three more hours Sea People. Only three more hours and you can take me away from this crappy Goddamned planet for the hippies.” -Cartman

“They don’t ever complain, they don’t call me fat

They don’t make me do homework or nothing like that.” -Cartman

“And Hillary Clinton’s ass just keeps getting bigger.” -Tom Pusslicker

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