Illuminati: oligarchy for illiterates

The goal of conspiracy theory is to shed light on ulterior motive. Government and celebrity are easy targets because you only trust these so far as you can tolerate them above and beyond their normal role in society, which is entertainment in both cases. This is the reality for government because policy merely dictates what the media reports on, while problems increase instead of decrease in scale.

There are circles of power, but no one is truly in charge, and no one wants to be because after the atrocities of the World Wars, people seemingly fear not only tyranny, but apparently strong rulers too, because strong rulers are there to tell them what to do. A democratic leader is not a strong leader, but a showman. The Illuminati narrative goes the other way, and pins everything on “secret” societies. They’re “secret” in that they’re faceless, you know like Orwell’s Big Brother, but also stinking rich. It’s the model of an oligarchy. For retards.

There would be nothing easier than for charismatic people to form organized groups that meet in secret and start making plans, but evidence for this is severely lacking, and intelligent people are put off immediately by the references to Satanism and the comical nature of the whole charade (depending on the intelligent people in question, perhaps not the Satanism itself, but the moronic way in which it is referenced).

Take a step back and note that of course the elite meet in private, but not necessarily in secret, and even if they did, who would be surprised? Take these retards at face value and ask them what, exactly, the Illuminati is. You won’t get a consistent definition.

What you will get is the brick stupid sensationalism of the pop media they grew up on, whence they’re exposed as highly emotional people who don’t want to read books (or compound sentences), but the methods employed are an example of how to draw attention to the obvious power the original (and actual) Illuminati tapped into, despite the fact that ultimately there is no big secret at all. The upshot being that great human endeavour that enhances the standard of living of all those who pursue it: comedy.

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