The revolution will not be televised

For three weeks the Canadian freedom convoys stood bravely against neoliberal, transhumanist tyranny and were rewarded with cynical police brutality and government overreach. Their mistake was expecting parley, recognition and basic decency from the goons of the same establishment that’s been abusing them for two years if not longer. What they achieved, while not exactly earth shattering, nevertheless easily eclipses this defeat: the attention of the liberal English speaking world (or what’s left of it), the adoration of those who share their struggles worldwide, an end to vaccine mandates and passports in five Canadian provinces, and a small reminder to the global transhumanist technocratic cabal that they are the few and we are the many (and most importantly that they are indeed the bad guys here).

What it also shows is that peaceful protest, though useful in spreading awareness and building unity towards a cause, is not enough. What kind of world is it where only one side of a dispute should be allowed to defend themselves? Nay, where the side being actively oppressed should never defend themselves? Where they should instead resist peacefully while their oppressors play dirty and trample them with horses, beat them, and illegally arrest them for “political dissent”? A world of insanity.

This insanity is the result of a culmination of world events most people aren’t even fully aware of. They only consume news media from sources they already agree with or that generally make them feel good. If those sources say Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau is a good guy who’s just doing what’s necessary, they’ll swallow it whole. On the contrary, he’s a neoliberal imbecile and a coward. When the truckers entered Ottawa, he fled with his tail between his legs. If this “fringe minority” of working class stiffs could so easily make him feel threatened by their mere unarmed presence, are they really a fringe minority?

Clearly not: “These demonstrations are national in scope, they’re massive in scale,” said Ottawa police chief Peter Sloly, who later resigned when Trudeau sent in his goons (RCMP and OPP) to commit their atrocities, atrocities the brutal pigs applauded no less.

Perhaps a technical minority then, but not a fringe minority. The people of the world are waking up, unsurprisingly somewhat in parallel to the pressure applied to them for their non-compliance. Where there is a will there is a way, only the courageous will succeed. The revolution will not be televised by the oppressors.

One thought on “The revolution will not be televised

  1. I’ve been watching this mess unfold since day 1, from when
    Biden stepped into office & it’s been nothing but DOWN HILL
    from there, & with the way things are going NOW it’s going to
    get worse, I don’t believe everything I hear only what I SEE.

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