Freedom isn’t Free

The freedom they give you means nothing because they can take it away at any time. “They” being the beloved government that protects you from terrorists foreign and domestic. “They” being the thieving corporatist elite that controls the unfree market dictating what kind of jobs you can have and how much you can earn. And […]

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It’s okay to love America. It’s okay to hate it too. The good doesn’t excuse the bad, the bad doesn’t nullify the good. There is nothing wrong with loving your home, even if those who rule it are repugnantly corrupt. There’s nothing wrong either in harshly criticizing the atrocities carried out in its name, even […]

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The revolution will not be televised

For three weeks the Canadian freedom convoys stood bravely against neoliberal, transhumanist tyranny and were rewarded with cynical police brutality and government overreach. Their mistake was expecting parley, recognition and basic decency from the goons of the same establishment that’s been abusing them for two years if not longer. What they achieved, while not exactly […]

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