Sweden refuses to enter lockdown, mainstream media can’t cope

Despite continued criticism from without and within its shores, Sweden shows little sign of ever entering lockdown over coronavirus, to the apparent dismay of the global “free” press. Instead, Swedish leaders have steadfastly defended their no-lockdown strategy since day one, most recently citing a decrease in new and severe cases. “Transmission is slowing down, the […]

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#MehTwo Stupid.

Your mother is a woman, but you don’t need that as evidence that good women exist. A good woman can get raped even if she takes reasonable precautions, but you’re a deluded fool to think the people who champion the #metoo movement are good people. They’re Hollywood celebrities. You might as well call them liars […]

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Anarchy Zonage

Rick Santorum is painted as a laughing stock, but he (could) represent something liberals fear: a common sense approach to anarchy and the outrageous. Most people would take a normal life mixed with adventure spirit and a positive outlook, without denying an inherent hardship in facing a world that seems to be callous at every […]

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IRC channel goes ballistic

natureman: “Transphobia”is now a thing starburst: LOLWHAT? natureman: classic re-framing tactic natureman: it’s supposed to be like “homophobia” starburst: so what, exactly, is the phobia supposed to represent natureman: chopping off penises and turning them into VAGINAS or vice versa starburst: seems like a reasonable fear to me soma_blaster: if turning a vagina into a penis doesn’t […]

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Planet of the Apes (1968)

This movie was ahead of its time in a way last year’s Interstellar is not. Forty years from now, it will still be seen as more brave and more honest than Nolan’s cheeseball mindtravel. The latter isn’t ahead of our time at all, only smarter than its target audience. Big difference. The modern Planet of the Apes remakes don’t even deserve to be […]

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Sacred this, sacred that

At some point it’s just you. No one else. They told you X you did Y. They said up, you went down. They said for sure if you went that way now, forget it, you’re history. Yet here you are still standing, strong as an ox. You knew all along their protective measures were just […]

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