Best of South Park – 37 – Chinpokomon

37. Chinpoko Mon (Season 3, Episode 10)

Exposing the real motive for Japanese exports of the time – anime, tamagotchi – they were the Asian attempt at copying the US method of mindless programming, to distract kids and lure them into evil. Well, ok, wasting time and rotting their brains.

“My penis, he said, was most likely one of the biggest on the planet. I applaud Mr Hirohito in his honesty.” -Bill Clinton

“Try to bomb ze harbor” -Japanese Announcer

“Hey! I’m the one who’s been standing out here with this gay guitar like a God-damned hippie.” -Cartman

“Is this cool or not? I can’t tell.” -Cartman

“Jesus tap dancing Christ!” -Cartman

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