It (2017)

Moviegoers and critics have probably praised this as highly entertaining, thrilling, captivating, and maybe even “scary.” To some degree they’re probably right, but it’s also in large parts hacky bullshit, with a propensity to reduce the complexities of life to happy horseshit. If you’re confused, I’ll simplify to keep the word count down: happy horseshit noun. comforting illusions […]

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Villa Amalia (2009)

We sometimes grow up from our fancies. From one view, Villa Amalia suggests a type of modern existence to be one big fancy, the one full of short term thrills put on repeat for a lifetime: fake relationships and meaningless careers that bring the money and the pain but no spiritual gain. From another, it’s […]

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Antichrist (2009)

Hai Satan, it’s me, Lars. I got some issues with heartbrake and depression, can you fix me up some Jungian/Neitzschean remedies pls? Gonna do a quick mashup for the cinema/video people. K, bye. The attempt is good enough, and it’s a wild trip into the recesses of cult psychology, with poor old Freud trying to […]

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Suspiria (1977)

As made by seminal giallo maestro Dario Argento, Suspiria will perhaps best be remembered for its unnerving, heart-stoppingly gruesome opening sequences, including one of the most logistically stunning set pieces in film history. But throughout, it’s a cinematic marvel of thematic aural and visual entanglement, defined de facto by the neon reds, blues and greens […]

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Videodrome (1983)

If Star Trek is for prepubescent geeks in mom’s living room, and Star Wars is for the easily swayed teenage and adult-stuck-in-adolescence variety, then Videodrome is for nerds of a more refined kind, those who love the psychology and philosophy of mind and its allure to the beyond where true transcendence lay. Max Renn wants […]

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Ghost World (2001)

Let’s call this “arthouse comedy”: be funny, smart, or interesting in some trivial but outlandish way, then be sad or generally dramatic in a twisty middle act, then conclude on some horseshit that either makes everyone feel better about themselves or else offer a falsely (read: dishonestly) ambiguous conclusion that “confuses” the slow kids — art […]

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Gummo (1997)

Sometimes a work takes on a significance far beyond that of its creator and, moreso, beyond its creator’s “intent,” artistic or otherwise. Harmony Korine’s Gummo is such a thing that, while buried in the hipster tradition of dogme95’s DIY style over substance, endures as an artistic statement more than a decade after its initial release. […]

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Dogville (2003)

Wot you gonna do with your societal dregs? Put it on stage to abstract its salient tropes, illuminating them to make your hopefully artful and not artsy, pretentious, representation. With Dogville, you might find the abstraction too much, set up to be minimalistic, or rather – bare – but ironically “failing” with its reliance on stylization […]

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Death Proof (2007)

You can watch this movie multiple times in one sitting and not be disappointed, finding something new on each iteration, but… Whatever the technical genius Quentin Tarantino brings to his joints, he can’t escape the formula of unthinking entertainment for too long to say anything of importance or longevity. When the end credits roll to […]

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