Paths of Glory (1957)

Kubrick’s first relatively big budget film, seen in some circles as anti-war which is overly simplistic. Kubrick doesn’t make such blanket statements. Rather, it’s an examination of courage and cowardice while being totally realistic about 20th century warfare and its corruptions. It says anyone on any side of a conflict over power can be corrupt […]

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The Law Beyond

Democracy pretends the many are capable of deciding what is best for all. That with enough education, they will together make a rational decision, when instead they will take complex problems and reduce them to binary stupidities. There does not exist a world in which a throng of average intelligence people unable to discipline themselves will come up with better […]

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Antichrist (2009) — REDUX

A steadily rising tide of pathological psychosexual tensions burst into life as mythological horror and exploitative violence, concluding on the ultimate orgasmic ritual fantasy that’s stark, free, and superficially erotic (to the naive/sociopathic), paradoxically (but validly) akin to corporeal rumination on heaven itself. Jump to: a dreamscape mirage of fear fulfilled, and the incredible exploitation, through some magik, nonetheless seems […]

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Inception (2010)

Leo DiCaprio finally gets the Keanu Reeves role that has him save the world through the seven heavens/hells of dreams, nightmares, and demons of the subconscious of the bloated melodrama that is Inception, Christopher Nolan’s most complex piece of cinema, which paved the way for that big-budget joke The Dark Knight Rises. These “extractors” use a […]

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Marathon Man (1976)

This movie accomplished what 2001’s Spy Game tried and failed to. Cool as it is, it’s funny how Marathon Man is what Chinatown would have been had Roman Polanski not rightly revised Robert Towne’s watered down script for that masterpiece from 2 years prior. Towne subsequently came in to write a similar “Hollywood Horseshit” conclusion at […]

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